Jason Aldean Tour 2016 – Country At Its Finest!

Get ready for all new performances from one of country’s top legends! The Jason Aldean tour 2016 has already been announced. The name of it is We Were Here. He has been on a tear lately and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! You definitely can’t keep this pace up forever, so if you want to ensure that you see this superstar in person be sure and picked up some tickets as soon as you can!

As of the time of this writing he plans to visit 24 cities for his upcoming shows in the new year. The very first of which is going to happen in Illinois. You can see that concert on January 14 if you want to be able to say that you are one of the lucky people who saw him play his first live show of the new year! Although he already has plans to play shows on the road in this upcoming year, he’s actually still on his previous tour from this year! There definitely aren’t any other musicians out there who can top this guy when it comes to work ethic and perseverance.

The final show of the we were here extravaganza is currently scheduled to take place in Pennsylvania on May 6. That is the last date where you will have a chance to see this country master do his thing in person, so don’t wait too long before you finally get your seats if you want to be sure you don’t miss out. He is holy planning to take a break of a few months. He’ll only have two months off before he heads out on his brand-new shows. Even though he still has some shows left on his current stretch of concerts, the prices for the following years shows are already going through the roof.

You are already looking at paying over $200 per seat if you purchase a ticket today for the Jason Aldean tour 2016. Those seats are pretty pricey if you ask me, and there’s only one place that those prices are going to go as those performances draw nearer. The prices could even be doubled by the time the actual dates themselves rollaround. He won’t be playing by himself, he will have a couple opening acts at least. Thomas Rhett is the first musician that he is planning to take a long, but he’s not the only one. The second artist that will be joining the Aldean ranks is A Thousand Horses. These two amazing bands are certainly adding to the drawing power that is causing these prices to skyrocket so far in advance.

This years shows are going extremely well which is a good indicator that the 2016 performances will be worthwhile to. He has already 30 years old but it seems like he’s still in his 20s with the amount of energy that he brings to stage. By all accounts, things are going extremely well for his shows. So far he’s had more than 2 million tickets sold on this year’s tour. Every single show that the main man and his partner Kenny Chesney put on has a very nice turnout. They just got done performing for slightly under 50,000 fans in one of their recent California shows.